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MP3 Music Get is an application that allows you to download songs from the web
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MP3 Music Get is an application that allows you to download songs from the web. Obtaining data from sources like social networks and mainly from YouTube, the app puts at your disposal millions of songs to download for free in a very simple way.

To find and download songs with this app you just need to enter the artist or song name in the search area. If you click the advanced search box, you can include the album name or edition in the search to obtain more specific results. Aside from the custom search area, the app offers two alternative sections to look for music: one features the most popular songs with access to Top Songs and popular charts, and the other lets you browse music by genre.

Before downloading, you can edit the track information and tags, and use the small music player to pre-listen to any song.

MP3 Music Get offers a quick and easy way to download songs from the web, which you can then transfer to your mobile devices. In the trial version, the downloaded songs have a bitrate of 128kps, which is an acceptable quality, and you are allowed to download only one song at a time.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Millions of songs to download


  • Only one download at a time
  • It downloads only individual songs, not full albums
  • Sound quality on YouTube is not the best
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